Why is Tennis the Best Hobby?

Photograph of a tennis racquet, tennis balls, and sneakers on a tennis court

There are so many potential benefits from taking up a new hobby. Hobbies can be great ways to make friends. They can be a terrific way to stay healthy and active. They can even improve your mood and help you feel alive. 

Tennis is one of the best hobbies, because it can help you do all of that, and more!

Today we’re going to look at some of the elements that make tennis the best hobby, including:


One of the things that makes tennis stand out as a hobby is that it’s a sport. Seems simple, right? Well, there are actually a great many benefits to having your favorite hobby be one that includes lots of physical activity! Taking up a sport is a great way to maintain your overall health. Whether you’re young or old, exercise has been linked to better sleep health, better cardiovascular health, and more. You can read a lot more about the various health benefits of tennis in this helpful article.


Tennis has a fantastic culture of respect, hard work, and fun! As you’ll learn later in this article, it’s got a rich history of athletic achievement, and it’s friendly and inviting for newcomers!


Sometimes inspiration comes from within. When you start practicing regularly, you’re going to see fast improvements in your game, and that will help keep you motivated to play more! But sometimes inspiration needs to come from the outside world, too. That’s why it’s great to join a tennis club and make connections with other tennis players. 

Plus, there are always lots of amazing world-class players who demonstrate why tennis is a beautiful sport. Keep reading to learn about some incredible players who’ll inspire you to new heights! 

Let’s dive in!

Why is tennis a good sport?

Okay, so we’ve talked about why tennis is a great hobby – a lot of that is because of the health benefits associated with exercise. Of course, taking up almost any sport may have similar benefits. So what makes tennis so special? Why choose tennis over any other sport?

As far as sports go, tennis has a lot of advantages. One of the main reasons tennis can be more accessible than other sports is that it only requires two people. Lots of sports, like football or baseball, require a whole team in order to play. That means that every time you want to play it, you need two whole teams of people to play a proper game. Tennis is much simpler! All you need is a single tennis buddy and you can have a great rally.

Speaking of other tennis players, tennis is a great way to meet new friends! 

Photograph of a racquet leaning on a basket of tennis balls, with a woman playing tennis in the background
Photograph of a racquet leaning on a basket of tennis balls, with a woman playing tennis in the background by Pavel Anoshin on Unsplash.

One of the things that also makes tennis such a great hobby is how easy it is to start! All you need is some very basic equipment and a place to play! If you want, you can hire a tennis coach to help you learn the ropes. The right tennis instructor will help you have fun and teach you some valuable tips. But whether you’re getting lessons or you’re just having casual fun with your friends, tennis is easy to start whenever you’re ready!

Is tennis an easy sport to pick up?

If you’re getting excited to try learning tennis for yourself, that’s wonderful news. You might be wondering, though, if it’s difficult to start learning. Sure, professional athletes make it look easy – but what does it feel like when you first pick up a racquet and head to the courts?

Well, the very first time you play tennis, it might feel a little awkward. Fortunately, this is a really great guide to teach you some of the basics. 

And nothing will be as valuable as a good instructor who can help you build up your confidence.

But all in all? Tennis is a very easy sport to pick up. You’ll be having so much fun that practicing will be easy, and before you know it, using your racquet will feel as natural as using a pencil. 

What are the benefits of playing tennis?

If you’re looking for a hobby that comes with a lot of great benefits, tennis is definitely a great place to start!

Tennis has numerous benefits that you can enjoy. Not only is it an exciting sport and lots of fun, the exercise you’ll get from playing tennis will have far-reaching health benefits for you.

Photograph of a tennis player sitting on a courtside bench drinking from a water bottle
Photograph of a tennis player sitting on a courtside bench drinking from a water bottle by Matteo Sönning on Unsplash.

Whatever your age – whether you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, tennis can have an excellent impact on your health. For instance, regular exercise can improve your mental health! This can start with something as simple as the effect that getting a lot of exercise can have on your sleep. Play lots of tennis, and you could sleep more soundly. This can have a lot of results – you can have an easier time concentrating, have more energy throughout the day, and even a big boost to your mood. 

To learn even more about the amazing health benefits of of tennis, have a look for yourself in this helpful article

You might think that all sports have the same health benefits. However, that isn’t true. One of the great advantages that puts tennis ahead of other sports is how safe it is. 

Think about a lot of other popular sports, like football, hockey, martial arts – what’s something they have in common? Lots of impact. No matter how much padding and protective gear you wear, high-impact sports can cause both micro-concussions and full concussions. What does that mean? Well, repeated head trauma can lead to a condition called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (also known as “CTE”). Sounds scary, right? According to studies, almost 100% of professional football players in the NFL suffer from CTE. 

So, while all sports can have health advantages, a non-contact sport like tennis lets you enjoy all of the health benefits without all of the risks. If you take good tennis lessons, you’ll learn even more things about how to have a safe game. This can include proper warm ups, cool-downs, and stretching. That way tennis will always be fun. 

Is tennis the easiest sport?

Photograph of a woman with a leg brace playing tennis.
Photograph of a woman with a leg brace playing tennis by Eagle Media Pro on Unsplash.

Sometimes picking up a new sport can feel a little intimidating. The first thing you need to remember is that tennis has a culture of respect, inclusivity, and friendliness. What does that mean? It means that when you’re just getting started, you don’t need to worry about looking like a newbie. Every tennis player can relate to their first day on the court. You’re going to have a great time, and before you know it, it will all feel like second nature!

Nonetheless, when you’re thinking of taking up tennis, you might have some questions. How long will it take to get good at it? What will it feel like playing with other people?

Well, if you’ve seen the greats playing tennis, like Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer, they certainly make it look easy. However, as with all sports, mastering tennis takes a great deal of practice, dedication, and talent. 

But if you’re not planning on racking up big wins at Grand Slam tournaments, you don’t really need to worry about mastering the sport. Tennis is a great game for casual playing. It doesn’t take much practice to start having fun with it – and that’s what’s important!

So, yes – tennis is a very easy sport to get into and start having friendly rallies with other players. 

Is tennis a good sport to start with?

Photograph of a man playing tennis.
Photograph of a man serving a tennis ball by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash.

Maybe you’re new to athletic sports. Maybe you’re thinking of signing your kids up for tennis lessons at a nearby tennis club. Either way, you may be wondering if tennis is a good sport to start with.

The good news is that it absolutely is. Tennis isn’t just great exercise, it’s also low-impact, no-contact, and easy to learn. When you’re learning a new sport, you don’t want one that will be very difficult to learn the ropes of. While some excellent sports require a lot of training to safely practice, tennis is a relatively simple game that’s easy to get playing.

So pick up a tennis ball and racquet, find a tennis court, and try for yourself! Always remember: you don’t need to be a tennis pro to start having fun!

What are the best tennis players in the world?

A great way to immerse yourself in the best sport is to get inspired by some of the best players!

From the early days of Wimbledon to today’s Grand Slam Champions, tennis has a rich history of athletic accomplishment! Here are some of the incredible players to keep your eyes on!

Serena Williams recently announced her retirement, so if you have the chance to see any of her last matches, try to catch them! Williams is a force to be reckoned with, and will go down in history as one of the greatest players ever to pick up a racquet – with 23 Grand Slam titles!

Rafael Nadal is a powerhouse on the court. He’s had 32 consecutive wins, giving him one of the longest winning streaks in men’s tennis history. He’s also won each of the Grand Slam Championships – twice! With 22 titles, Nadal has the most career titles of any player!

Margaret Court – with a 57 consecutive win streak and the highest number of Grand Slam titles of any player in history (24!), this Australian player is considered one of the greatest players in history.

Roger Federer is a tennis legend. He’s had 20 Grand Slam tournament wins! He also holds the record for most wins at Wimbledon, having triumphed at the tournament 8 times. He’s also won the Australian Open half a dozen times. 

Novak Djokovic is another great player, with 20 Grand Slam tournament wins, 43 consecutive wins, and winning 85.9% of all his games.

Steffi Graf is one of the best players to ever pick up a racquet. When it comes to winning streaks, she has 3 incredible streaks to her name – 66, 46, and 45. She’s also won 22 Grand Slam titles – and in 1988 she won all 4 Grand Slam championships plus won gold at the Olympics!

Is tennis an attractive sport?

Photo of a woman bouncing tennis balls on her racquet.
Photograph of a woman bouncing tennis balls on her racquet by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

During a match at Wimbledon, tennis legend Steffi Graf had a random audience member ask to marry her. To see her witty response, have a look at the video below.

If this example does nothing else, it shoes that, well, tennis isn’t unattractive. In fact, tennis has been inspiring fashion designs for decades, and has always had its own stylistic tradition.

But to really answer the question, we can say that tennis helps to build confidence, it involves exercise, and has a culture of friendliness and respect for others – all pretty attractive qualities!

What is the best thing about tennis?

Photograph of a woman holding a tennis ball and racquet above her head. On her arm is a tattoo that says “know your worth”. Photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash.

So knowing all this, what’s the best thing about the game of tennis?

You could argue it’s the excitement of the game. Some might say it’s how good it is for your physical health. You might even say that the best thing about tennis is that it connects people around the world in a passion for the game.

But when you’re a beginner, probably the best thing about tennis is that it’s a sport that will welcome players at any skill level. You’ll be able to start having fun right away, and make new friends. 

The next step - getting started!

Photograph of a woman with a tennis racquet on a clay court, looking over her shoulder
Photograph of a woman with a tennis racquet on a clay court, looking over her shoulder by Johannes Krupinski on Unsplash

So now we’ve seen that tennis is a great sport for getting exercise and fresh air, for making friends and building connections, and for taking up at any age or skill level. Now that you’re inspired, the next step is to pick up a tennis racket and try for yourself!

The first step is to consider getting your own instructor at Tennis Pro Now! With the right tennis coach, taking up this sport will feel fun, safe, and inclusive.

And to stay up to date on more inspiring tennis content, tips, and news – follow us on social Facebook and Instagram!

Have a great match!

Jonathan Stanfield

Jonathan got his tennis start in Saskatoon, waking up early each morning to practice before anyone else could reserve the free courts. Since then, his interests have widened: he works professionally for a Canadian ad agency, has several published short stories, and has recently taken up photography. Tennis remains a passion for Jonathan and he always feels most at home on a tennis court.